Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yet another show

Another show has reared it's ugly head... It's interesting how I always get stuck doing these shows. They only pay a few hundred dollars for about 5 days work, and end up being way too much stress. I book them out like 3 months in advance, tell the person I won't even look at the score until production week, and yet somehow when I don't know the entire musical by heart, they seem pissed. Argh. I'm retiring, and it's about time.

On a better note, Joseph closed fabulously. I actually had to stop conducting for a few minutes during the Finale to wipe away my tears. But they weren't sad! I was smiling at the same time. I was so happy with how wonderful the show turned out, but sad to see it over and realized that my time here is almost over. But, wow, I haven't cry / smiled in so long. It just confirms the fact that I'm made to be in musical theatre.


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