Thursday, April 21, 2005


Michael Howard never fails to make me continually fall in love with music. The man fights the good fight against such evils as American Idol and the like, and does it in style. We watched a bit of some kind of Broadway scenes show, with Hugh Jackman singing the opening of Oklahoma, and a little montage from Carousel. I could've done without the Carousel, because I'm already still kinda emotional from the breakup, and that did NOT help.

Also, some of the "newbies" got to perform today. I was really surprised at Jason and Eric; they both have improved a whole lot. Eric's voice is getting so much more legato, and Jason is really starting to perform. Brian McG also got up, and even as insanely nervous as he was, he sounded great. He just couldn't stop fidgeting. It was cute. God, if only he weren't straight, he'd be the perfect boy. -Sigh-


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