Monday, May 02, 2005

It's over!

Today has been so relaxing and I'm no longer stressed out. I slept well
for the first time in months. Thank god.

I really don't understand people who wait until the very last moment to
do their work. This chick in Italian diction literally burst into tears
because she was so scared of failing cause she didn't even know the
first two lines of her song. And she tried to blame it on her cramps.
Ridiculous. Ellen finally said, well if you're sick, you can't do it,
let's all just get our things and leave. Eugh, people kill me.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

I just finished a pesto pizza...

And now I smell like basil. Like, seriously basil. I'm going to take a shower.

I hate work

I cannot even bring myself to practice more than like 25 minutes at a time, and this is not good because I'm not completely done with all the things I needed to get done this weekend. But, it appears that my memory is starting to come back slowly but surely. Yay!

On another note, I gave into my cell phone addiction again. James will be the proud new owner of a Sidekick II before the end of the week. I couldn't decide between that or the Blackberry 7100t. We'll see how I like it.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Argh, what's wrong with these people?

Another post in one day? I can't help it. This just pisses me off.

German cannibal to face retrial - BBC NEWS

So not having a younger brother makes you want to castrate someone, fry up his cock and balls as dinner for two, and then hang the guy from a meat hook, kill him, and eat 40 lbs. of his flesh? Something about that strikes me as not a very good reason. And only 8.5 years? WHAT? This man is dangerous and we can't get him bricked up in a hole for life? Didn't poor, (nearly) harmless Kevin Mitnick spend just a little less time in jail? ARGH!

Who does he think he is? A direct link to God? Oh, yeah, forgot.

Less than a week into his reign, and the pope is already delving into politics that are none of the Church's business. At least he's already old... let's hope the stress from the idea that somehow, somewhere, someone is doing something fun will give him a heart attack. And we'll get a better one.

New Pope condemns Spain gay bill - BBC NEWS

Habemus Papem. And all that shit.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Gin and Tonic

... the most wonderful way to spend a quiet night.

But I'm out of ice. Damned party.


Michael Howard never fails to make me continually fall in love with music. The man fights the good fight against such evils as American Idol and the like, and does it in style. We watched a bit of some kind of Broadway scenes show, with Hugh Jackman singing the opening of Oklahoma, and a little montage from Carousel. I could've done without the Carousel, because I'm already still kinda emotional from the breakup, and that did NOT help.

Also, some of the "newbies" got to perform today. I was really surprised at Jason and Eric; they both have improved a whole lot. Eric's voice is getting so much more legato, and Jason is really starting to perform. Brian McG also got up, and even as insanely nervous as he was, he sounded great. He just couldn't stop fidgeting. It was cute. God, if only he weren't straight, he'd be the perfect boy. -Sigh-

Love / hate relationship with sleep

Why is it I desperately want to sleep multiple times during the day, but never want to call it quits at night? I'm tired, yet I feel like I want to do more things tonight... Argh, the difficulties. Maybe if I had a nice boy waiting in bed for me to cuddle up with....

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yet another show

Another show has reared it's ugly head... It's interesting how I always get stuck doing these shows. They only pay a few hundred dollars for about 5 days work, and end up being way too much stress. I book them out like 3 months in advance, tell the person I won't even look at the score until production week, and yet somehow when I don't know the entire musical by heart, they seem pissed. Argh. I'm retiring, and it's about time.

On a better note, Joseph closed fabulously. I actually had to stop conducting for a few minutes during the Finale to wipe away my tears. But they weren't sad! I was smiling at the same time. I was so happy with how wonderful the show turned out, but sad to see it over and realized that my time here is almost over. But, wow, I haven't cry / smiled in so long. It just confirms the fact that I'm made to be in musical theatre.